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In theory, it's not a bad thought . . .

Realize, though, that this oft-quoted line was spoken by a villain;

. . . indeed, by an illiterate terrorist named "Dick the Butcher," who feared not only lawyers, but all educated people. To terrorists, villains, miscreants and evildoers, killing lawyers is a great idea. Even we can see that. Why?

Because we stand for the peaceful resolution of disagreements.

We guard the bridge between freedom and tyranny.

We help all people, regardless of origin, to become equal in justice.

Welcome to Blaske and Blaske, P.L.C., where we take being your lawyers very seriously.

Our statewide practice focuses on the ethics and art of lawyering and the law of trials, with practice emphasis on claims of legal malpractice, medical malpractice, and complex personal injury cases.




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